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Welcome to Stairlifts Plus - Minnesota

We are an Minnesota based business specialising in supplying and installing curved stair lifts for local homes and businesses. 

Curved staircases are common in homes that have a staircase that goes around at least one corner or bend. The turns can sometimes be tight and curved stairs might be narrow. Our market-leading range includes curved stairs that can go around corners, up and down spiral staircases, as well as across intermediate landings. All of our custom-made curved stairlifts will be made for you and your unique staircase.

Because all curved staircase lifts must be built to your specific requirements, we use skills to ensure that they fit perfectly every time.

Questions to Ask our Operators when Calling to Make Inquiries

When considering the purchase of a curved stairlift, it’s essential to ask the supplier the right questions to ensure that the product meets your specific needs and circumstances. Here are some key questions to ask:

  1. Customization and Fit:

    • How will the stairlift be customized to fit my specific staircase?
    • Do you offer a home assessment to measure and evaluate my staircase?
  2. Product Features:

    • What safety features are included with the stairlift (e.g., seat belts, safety sensors, emergency stop buttons)?
    • Can the seat, armrests, and footrests be folded when not in use to save space?
    • Does the stairlift come with a swivel seat for easier access at the top and bottom of the stairs?
  3. Track Design:

    • What type of track will be installed (single rail, twin rail)?
    • How will the track be mounted (to the stairs or wall)?
    • Can the track handle the specific bends and landings of my staircase?
  4. Power and Battery:

    • Is the stairlift battery-operated or directly powered by mains electricity?
    • What is the battery life and how is it recharged?
    • Can the stairlift operate during a power outage?
  5. Installation:

    • How long does the installation process take?
    • Will the installation cause any damage to my stairs or walls?
    • Is installation included in the price?
  6. Maintenance and Warranty:

    • What is the length and coverage of the warranty?
    • What regular maintenance is required and is it included in the service package?
    • How quickly can repairs be made if something goes wrong?
  7. Cost and Financing:

    • What is the total cost of the stairlift, including installation and any additional features?
    • Do you offer financing options or payment plans?
    • Are there any additional costs for custom features or extended warranties?
  8. Customer Support and Service:

    • What kind of customer support is available after purchase?
    • Are there local service technicians available for repairs and maintenance?
    • Do you offer a trial period or satisfaction guarantee?

By asking these questions, you can ensure that you choose a curved stairlift that best meets your needs, fits your staircase, and provides reliable and safe operation.

Types of Curved Stairlifts We Supply & Fit in Minnesota


For Staircases With Bends & Turns

Our consultants will come to you and conduct a detailed survey of your staircase in order to assess whether straight or curving rail products would be best suited.

The rails are attached to stair treads, not to walls, and can be installed to either side depending on the results of the survey.

A curved staircase can have many designs. Our rails can be customized for every home due to the individuality of curved staircases.

Most staircases can be fitted with stairlifts, even those that appear narrower at first. We have a variety of stairlifts that can be fitted to both straight and curving staircases. We are confident that you will find a solution to your home’s stairlift needs in our extensive range of stairlift solutions.

Contact us today if you have any questions about whether a residential stairlift installation is possible. We offer a free, no obligation home assessment. Our advisors will examine your staircase to determine which options are best.

Curved Stairlifts Minnesota

Curved stairs are staircases with bends or corners. A stairlift that is curved can be used to lift stairs. The rail curves around bends and corners of the staircase.

To make sure that your staircase is perfectly fitted, curved rails need to be custom-made. A made-to-order rail allows for a tight fit. This will maximize the space you have on your stairs, and allow others to use them as they normally would.

The cost of a staircaselift is determined by many factors such as its type, required features, and your custom specifications.

Every person is different, and every home is unique. We make sure that we offer a wide range of stairlifts to fit your needs.


Swivel Seat For Safe Disembarking

For staircases with curves or turns it may require a curved lift installation. If the staircase bed is flat, it might be possible to install two straight stairlifts. However, the user would have to be able move from one lift to another.

Installing curved stairlifts is more costly than installing straight ones. The reason is that a custom-made curved rail has to be installed exactly to the staircase dimensions. This creates more work for the installer.

These optional extras include hinged rails which can be folded up when there are doors close to the base and top of the stairs. They allow for unimpeded movement of other household members.


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Because of the complexity involved in some curved stairslifts, the lead time from survey to installation may take several weeks. This question should be asked during the home consultation.

Installation of a stairlift may require that plug sockets be installed or pipe work/radiators moved.

Although prices have decreased significantly in recent times, the average cost to purchase a curved chairlift can run up to $9,000. This is only an estimate and each customer will determine the exact price. We can provide a detailed quotation by scheduling a home consultation to discuss your requirements with local and national suppliers.


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